Dressage: 16th November 2014

Intro A (2008)

1st Lorna Cavalier and Harvest Falls
2nd Louise Towl and Lizzie
3rd Dawn Statham and Luhaya
4th Emma Murphy and Chloe
5th Jade Coupland and Landmark Polly
6th Abi Marshall and Bailey

Prelim 7 (2002)

1st Ella Stokes and Ace of Hearts
2nd Sandra Fry and Bossanova
3rd Jacqui Stokes and Commander Rufus
4th Louise Towl and Lizzie
5th Pauline Treble and Bob
6th Julia McClenaghan and Philleigh

Prelim 13 (2006)

1st Sandra Fry and Bossanova
2nd Anne Redman and Max
3rd Mandy Medcraft and Atse D
4th Christine Early and Archie

Novice 27 (2007)

1st Caroline Royston and Sunny
2nd Mandy Medcraft and Atse D
3rd Anne Redman and Max

Novice 34

1st Caroline Royston and Sunny
2nd Ali Beament and Zardi