Dressage: 23rd February 2014

Intro B (2009)

1st   Sandra Hill and Basil Bootlace

2nd Julia McClenaghan and Philleigh

Prelim 10 (2002)

1st Ali Beament and Zardi

2nd Ella Stokes and Ace of Hearts

3rd Jo Wordingham and Philleigh

Prelim 13 (2002)

1st Mandy Medcraft and Atse D

2nd Caroline Royston and Fuzzy

3rd Ali Beament and Zardi

Novice 24 (2010)

1st Anne Shrubshall and Dufiena

2nd Jacqui Stokes and Commander Rufus

3rd Amy Scrivener and Theo

Novice 36 (2002)

1st Amy Scrivener and Theo

2nd Anne Shrubshall and Dufiena