Dressage: 22nd February 2015

Intro B
1st   Abby Marshall and Bailey
2nd   Lydia Arscott and Bubbles
3rd   Richard Lamb and Kleopatra
4th   Sabrina Doidge and Millrose
5th Alison Keenor and Upsy Daisy
6th Teresa Sparks and Jack

 Prelim 1
1st  Lorna Cavalier and Harvest Falls
2nd  Pamela Martin and Bruce
3rd  Julia Samson and Ben
4th  Alison Keenor and Upsy Daisy
5th  Lydia Arscott and Bubbles
6th  Sandra Hill and Basil Bootlace

Prelim 12
1st  Anne Redman and Max
2nd  Mandy Medcraft and Atse D
3rd  Pamela Martin and Bruce
4th  Sandra Hill and Basil Bootlac

Novice 28
1st  Caroline Royston and Sunny
2nd  Louise Jewell and Choccy
3rd  Anne Shrubshall and Dufiena

Novice 30
1st Mandy Medcraft and Atse D
2nd Anne Shrubshall and Dufiena
3rd Caroline Royston and Sunny
4th Louise Jewell and Choccy